Westwood Plateau Community Association

In early 1999 with development on the Westwood Plateau winding down and Wesbild, the developers of the Westwood Plateau, began preparations to leave, a group of residents, who wanted to see the quality of life on the Plateau maintained and it become a safe, neighbourly and environmentally friendly place for families, seniors and people of all cultures, got together and formed the Westwood Plateau Residents Association. A Mission Statement and Constitution were created and on April 17, 1999 elections were held for the first Directors of the newly created Westwood Plateau Community Association (WPCA).

Since its inception, the WPCA has sponsored a number of community events. Some of these have been Garage Sales, Golf tournaments, Public General Information Meetings, All Candidate Meetings for the various levels of government, a Multicultural evening, a Picnic, Community Barbeque Dinner and a community newsletter as well as assisted with the Mayor’s Walk. The WPCA attends City Council meetings and public meetings that can affect Plateau residents and worked toward better transit on the Plateau. Resident concerns have been addressed and the WPCA was a member of the City committee looking into and making recommendations for the development of the new Crown Park on the Plateau.

The WPCA, with a grant from the City of Coquitlam, erected a Reader Board at the corner of Johnston and David Avenue.   Your community association is now able to communicate with residents of the Plateau keeping all informed of events such as Leisure and Park programs on the Plateau, PAC meetings, Public meetings and other information of value.  And, of course, WPCA members can post “Happy Birthday” wishes to “special people”.

The WPCA is operated by volunteers, your neighbours, and can only be effective with the support and help of those living on the Plateau. You are encouraged to join and participate to help make the Westwood Plateau a place we are proud to call our neighbourhood.

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